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Loss of the spirit
There is a constitutional crisis in Nepal. Following the end of rule of the Ranas in 1950-51, Nepal experimented with many constitutions, largely owing to the refusal of the king to give up power. The constitution of 1959 was subverted in 1960 when K...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Playing saviour
Sir ' It was no surprise to read another tirade directed at the forest department in Mahesh Rangara ...  | Read.. 
Selfless service
Sir ' With the passing away of former president, K.R. Narayanan, the nation has lost a multi-facete ...  | Read.. 
No one dies of ant bites in the eye, but that is not the point. When a patient is so neglected in the hospital that ants can ...| Read.. 
There was supposed to be a group of ministers meeting to ratify the commerce ministry's negotiating position for the World Tr...| Read.. 
Stories from new China
It used to be riches to rags in the 30 years of Mao's rule. Then came Deng Xiaoping with his maxim: 'Let some people get rich...  | Read.. 
The badlands grow worse
Incidents like this had happened earlier in Colombia in 2000 and closer home, in Nepal in 2005, but Jehanabad surpassed them all. When the National Liberation Army and People'...  | Read.. 
Calculate the real value of aid
While rich countries publicly acknowledge the importance of aid, their actions so far have not matched their words. The G-8 includes three countries ' Italy, the United States...  | Read.. 
Facility is a dangerous thing. Where there is too much technical ease, the brain stops criticizing. Don't let the hand fall into a smart way of putting the mind to sleep. ' JOHN FRENCH SLOAN