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Strange encounters
People who have memories of being abducted by aliens dismiss the scientists who explain away the memories as illusions or fantasy. They scoff at talk about hypnosis or the unconscious processing of Hollywood scripts. And they hold their ground amid snickers from a public that thinks they are daft or...  | Read.. 
Inspired guesswork
Proof, whether in science or daily life, is an elastic concept, interestingly beset with all kinds of human weakness, as well as ingenuity. For centu ...  | Read.. 
Raped by alien invaders
Would you like to help with a study of a strange sleep phenomenon that may shed light on memory, the contents of our dreams and even alien abduction' ...  | Read.. 
A still from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Strange encounters
Romantic rats
Crystal birth
Artificial ear
Misplaced focus
Bhutanese hoax
Rebel with a cause
A long commitment
There are many pocketsize digital music players available, but they fall into two groups: Apple’s iPod products and everything else. That split, rooted in technology as well as style, poses a challenge for music lovers who want to upgrade their ...  | Read.. 
Camera identifier
‘Friendly’ radar
Nailed down
You don’t have to look far ' at the hands (and feet) of women in all walks of life, at the displays in every pharmacy, at the nail salons that have proliferated around the world ' to realise that nails are in. There are more than 50,000 nail sal ...  | Read.. 
Danger zone
Don’t blame the genes
Moms gain brain after childbirth
Anti-depressant ads mislead people
Movies shape teen smoking
Drug cuts heart-attack death
Mirror cure for chronic pain
QED: Wanted: a net police
Hope no Depressed soul will follow the footsteps of Kim Walton, a 46-year-old divorcee from Pennsylvania in the US. Walton went on surfing the Internet until she found the website and booked a flight to Cambodia so that ...  | Read.. 
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