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The Night's Young


Name: ROXY

Place: The Park

Leg space: 2,500 sq ft

Positioning: The class act.

Music: Retro and lounge music.

F&B: Lebanese Assortment, Salmon Platter, Steaks, Murg Shahtoush Kebabs and Stuffed Tandoori Mushrooms are the favourites from the kitchen. Infused vodkas (flavours vary every week), Grey Goose and Belvedere (super-premium vodkas), cocktails (dessert martinis, Long Island Ice Tea), a great collection of single malts and French wines top the bar list.

From the bar: 'Very few clubs in the country are as exotic as Roxy,' says party hopper Ayan Banerjee.

Plus: The highly personalised service and quite a collection of boutique dishes is the main draw. The only cocktail bar in town with a classy ambience ideal for a quiet after-work rendezvous.

Minus: A dance floor, please!

Metro Marks: 8/10


Place: Hotel Hindusthan International

Leg space: 3,000 sq ft

Positioning: London look, funky feel.

Music: Depends on the mood and the milieu. 'We do not want to position Underground as a niche product only. It is your typical discotheque that plays house and commercial house but is also big on Bollywood and retro. We have given a free hand to our DJ to play the music by gauging the mood of the party people,' says managing director D.K. Jaiswal.

F&B: From papri chaat to Chilli Chicken, Lebanese platter to Indian dishes, the munch menu is varied. There are eight vegetarian and eight non-vegetarian snacks to go with the Blue Labels and Chivas Regals.

From the floor: 'Underground is the second best place to hang out at night after Roxy at the present moment. Mostly discotheques have very mundane interiors. But with its Trafalgar Squares and Oxford Streets, Underground exudes an old-world charm,' says party person Naveen Pai.

Plus: The 600-sq ft dance floor, dark and damp interiors and the rustic feel influenced by the London Underground' But finally, it's money that matters, and beverages here cost '20 to 30 per cent lower' compared to other night clubs in the city. That is the clincher.

Minus: The jostle.

Metro Marks: 6/10

Name: B.E.D (bars, entertainment and dining)

Place: 7 Ballygunge Circular Road (opposite Max Mueller Bhavan)

Leg space: 3,500 sq ft

Positioning: For the party animal.

Music: Wednesdays are psychedelic, Thursdays are retro, Fridays and Saturdays are big on Bollywood' B.E.D. has rhythm for all feet.

F&B: The kebabs from the Dhaba are a hit, downed with beers and Breezers.

From the floor: 'They play my kind of music on weekdays. The team here is young and co-operative and the crowd is cool,' says student Riya Banerjee.

Plus: Screen stars frequently hop into B.E.D. The open-air Dhaba and the Oriental room mean you don't have to go someplace else for a bite after the blast.

Minus: The d'cor, the slow service.

Metro Marks: 5/10


Place: The Park

Leg space: 5,000 sq ft

Positioning: Debut stage for the young Calcuttan.

Music: Commercial, Bollywood, hip-hop, R&B, house, elecro-house and funky house.

F&B: Hottest-selling items are the non-vegetarian platter and Gandhraj Fish Fingers, along with single malts, wines and cigars.

From the floor: 'If it's a night out, it has to be at Tantra. The reason, its youthful appeal,' says party regular Shankar Kaul.

Plus: Bodhi Bar for those wanting to rise above the action and yet be part of it. And a dance floor with more elbow room than most.

Minus: A part of the crowd.

Metro Marks: 5/10


Place: 22 Camac Street

Leg space: 1,300 sq ft

Positioning: The hookah bar.

Music: Lounge and Bollywood (on weekends).

F&B: Lebanese snacks, single malts and, of course, the vanilla and vodka flavoured hookahs smoked in style on the ground-level seating.

From the floor: 'Shisha is quite cozy and the faces are very familiar. The hookahs are an added advantage. I come here every weekend,' says regular Richa Srimal.

Plus: The first to introduce the Calcutta party crowd to the the hookah. Cosy lounge seating, crowd profile.

Minus: Cosy becomes cramped and the smoke becomes stifling on Friday and Saturday nights.

Metro Marks: 5/10

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