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Jordan grills suspects in hunt for killers
- Iraqi suicide attack couple

Amman, Nov. 11 (Reuters): Jordan’s security forces were interrogating scores of Arab suspects, including Iraqis, today in connection with three deadly suicide bombings.

Al Qaida in Iraq led by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said an Iraqi married couple and two other Iraqi men carried out the attacks against three luxury hotels used by westerners that killed at least 57 people.

Deputy Prime Minister Marwan al-Muasher said security forces were holding 12 suspects in connection with the bombings, one of the worst attacks in Jordan’s modern history.

Since Wednesday’s near-simultaneous attacks, up to 200 people have been rounded up in a nationwide hunt for Islamist underground cells and police have searched poor Amman neighbourhoods where Iraqi workers live, a security source said. Some of those arrested have been released, the source said.

Muasher did not provide the nationalities of the suspects, but interior minister Awni Yarfas earlier said those being questioned included Iraqi nationals.

“A group of martyrdom-seekers carried out the planning and implementation. They comprised three men and a woman who decided to accompany her husband on the path to martyrdom,” said a statement posted on a site often used by the al Qaida in Iraq. “It was agreed to use suicide belts for precision and to cause maximum damage,” the statement said.

“The attackers managed to enter the targets bypassing all the security measures that the agent of the British, the treacherous (King) Abdullah, has always boasted about.”

About 2,000 people waving Jordanian flags rallied outside the blue-domed Al-Husseini mosque in central Amman after Friday midday prayers to condemn the attacks, which have shocked this small desert kingdom of five million people.

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