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Not end of the road yet for Narain: Midland
India’s Formula One driver Narain Karthikeyan appears to have given up on Jordan for next season, although Jordan ' now renamed Midland ' has so far not given up on him....  | Read.. 
Tryst with the twin
Europe’s first space probe to Venus blasted off today on a mission to shed light on Earth’s closest planetary neig ...  | Read.. 
Sorry Bruce, take a break
No need to send Bruce Willis into space with a nuclear bomb ' the best way to deal with a killer asteroid hurtling towards E ...  | Read.. 
Rehab over, Moss rolls again
Kate Moss is back at work after checking out of an Arizona rehabilitation clinic last month. ...  | Read.. 
Katrina aid cry melts Stone, poem flows
Sharon Stone has taken a musical turn, co-writing a song to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. ...  | Read.. 
Your car needs a change of address
Arijit Sen, a 42- year-old executive, was delighted to be back in Calcutta after a successful five-year stint in Delhi. He was eager to show his gleaming new Maruti Esteem to ...  | Read.. 
Check-out: In the name of service
Last week, a television channel exposed corruption in its worst form: hounded by the goons sent by a bank to recover a loan ...  | Read.. 
Actor Jennifer Aniston at an interview on ABC television’s news programme Good Morning America on Wednesday. (AFP)