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Fatal turn to relentless French riots
Rioters shot and wounded police and torched 1,400 vehicles in the worst violence since unrest erupted in France’s poor suburbs 11 days ago, and a man beaten by a youth became the first fatality today. ...  | Read.. 
Anti-riot fatwa sparks furore
France’s main Muslim organisations feuded today over a fatwa one group issued against rioting after officials suggested Islamist militants might be fanning unrest across ...  | Read.. 
Bullying bother in UK offices
British businesses lose 18 million working days a year from staff going sick with stress from bullying, unions said today. ...  | Read.. 
Pirates attack more vessels
Pirates attacked two more merchant ships off Somalia at the weekend, one close to where a cruise ship was hit on Saturday, a sea piracy watchdog said today, warning that the ...  | Read.. 
UK ex-envoy spills beans
Prime Minister Tony Blair was “seduced by the glamour of US power” in the build-up to the Iraq war and repeatedly failed to influence US policy, a former top Britis ...  | Read.. 
Iran peace plan
Iran, whose President has called for Israel’s destruction, said today it will submit a proposal to the UN for a peaceful solution to the conflict between Israel and the ...  | Read.. 
Cheek-to-cheek: Desperate Housewives Felicity Huffman (left) and Nicollette Sheridan at a screening of the film Transamerica in Los Ang ...  | Read
Hudson heat
Late luck
Phil union
Tornado kills 23
Bangla ferry
Fujimori held
US threat
China U-turn over flu cases
The Chinese authorities performed an embarrassing about-turn yesterday and called in the World ..  | Read.. 
Aggrieved Aniston
Jennifer Aniston says she’s been wrongly pegged as a crier since splitting with Brad Pitt...  | Read..