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Another epic, another India
The other day, I saw a deeply moving Bharata Natyam performance by the dancer, Priyadarshini Govind. All the items, as the announcer put it, were based on the Silappadikaram. The Tamil epic poem Silappadikaram ('The Epic of the Anklet')...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
More sound than light
Sir ' It is a pity that the police failed to control noise pollution in some parts of Calcutta duri ...  | Read.. 
On a roll
Sir ' The four consecutive wins over Sri Lanka have given enough indication that Indian cricket is ...  | Read.. 
November is a good month for the comrades. By a strange chronological coincidence, the fifth anniversary of Mr Buddhadeb Bhat...| Read.. 
Lessons to be learnt
Change of heart
All that is in a name
Waiting for their turn
Join the gang
Missing link
In reality, each reader reads only what is already within himself. The book is only a kind of optical instrument which the writer offers to the reader to enable him to discover in himself what he could not have found but for the aid of the book. ' MARCEL PROUST
Marxist on the move
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee today completes five years as chief minister of West Bengal. Ashis Chakrabarti, who interviewed the chief minister, looks at his stint in office and his efforts at attracting industry to the state ...  | Read..