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Tap opens on Iraq oil offer
“Yes, I was offered a contract for 7.3 million barrels of oil by Iraq under the oil-for-food programme,” proclaims Bhim Singh, the chairman of the J&K Panthers Party, at a time when the Congress and external affairs minister Natwar Singh have denied any link with the scam. ...  | Read.. 
Beware of the glitter on gulab jamun
Scientists have detected high levels of lead on thin food-grade silver foil used on Indian sweets and are questioning the age-old tradition of giving sweets a cosmetic coat o ...  | Read.. 
Trauma mutes ‘token’ fest
In some neighbourhoods, the candles and lamps could almost be in homage to the dead. Still struggling to cope with its trauma, Delhi today went easy on the firecrackers, choosing to observe a rather subdued Diwali. ...  | Read.. 
A child being helped to light sparklers on Diwali night in New Delhi. The wound of the serial blasts still raw, celebrations were subdued in the capit ...  | Read
The Iraqis told me that they were helping other Indian friends also

Surrender, 16 years on
After being a fugitive from justice for 16 years, Narayan Biswas, a member of the Buddhadeb Bha ...  | Read..
Blast-stung UN arms Delhi
In an unexpected shot in the arm for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s demand that Pakistan ...  | Read..