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Hog warts

Remember Pumbaa from The Lion King' Pumbaa in the movie was a warthog, which belongs to the pig family. The dainty deer and the piggy pig belong to the same order. That's true. And like peccaries, hippos, camels, cows, sheep, goat and antelope, they all form the Artidactyla order. Artidactyla means even-toed ungulates, which means they have hooves with two or four toes. That's how a fat pig can run so fast. Warthogs have long legs, a large head and a broad muzzle that bears tusks that emerge from the canine teeth. The wartlike protrusions on either side of the head lends it its name. They have a scraggy coat with a mane that runs across the centre of its back. Their specialised teeth are very good for cutting and grinding vegetation ' warthogs feed on short grass, bulbs, tubers and roots. Sometimes, they could also feed on small animals or feed on carrion. Food is then digested in its four-chambered stomach. These gregarious grunters love to wallow in water or in the absence of it, lie around in burrows and other such shelter.

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