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Choice: rain or hard rain

Calcutta, Oct. 25: Calcutta and the coastal districts are almost certain to experience another wet spell from Thursday.

Met officials today said the cyclonic upper air circulation that had formed over southwest Bay of Bengal off the Tamil Nadu coast on Monday intensified into a low pressure on Tuesday and expanded eastward, covering a huge stretch over the sea.

Lying about 1,000 km south of Calcutta, the low pressure is gaining strength by vigorously sucking in moisture from the sea.

“The low pressure is likely to intensify further and, from Thursday onward, Calcutta and the coastal districts are likely to feel its effects,” said G.C. Debnath, the director of the weather section at the Regional Meteorological Centre at Alipore.

Tomorrow, the sky is expected to remain partly cloudy with one or two spells of rain or thundershower.

Officials said from Thursday the sky is likely to turn grey and lead to rain. However, the intensity of the rain will depend on the movement of the low pressure and the wind flow pattern.

“We can’t yet say for sure at the moment whether the system will crawl up towards Bengal. But, initially, the system may move in a north-westerly direction,” said Debnath.

“If the low pressure intensifies further into a depression and moves up towards Bengal, we can expect severe squally weather and lashing rain in the coastal districts,” an official added.

Even if it doesn’t move up towards Bengal and only stays in the vicinity, it would rain but, perhaps, not so severely.

“We are all the more careful because from October various kinds of systems like cyclonic circulation, low pressures and depressions form over the Bay. In meteorological parlance we call the period between October and December cyclone season,” an official said.

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