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View from the couch

What do you do with Shekhar Suman' Either you ignore him or laugh with him. He’s so irrepressibly irreverent that you end up laughing at his jokes even if you don’t want to. I watched him do a take-off on Shah Rukh Khan’s Lux ad. And one thing I could tell with certainty'the Shekhar Sumans won’t be invited for any binge chez the Khans.

One event that certainly registered above all others this week was when John Abraham and Bipasha Basu showed up on Star’s KBC to regale audiences with tales from the Bong-throng. Bipasha in a flaming-red sari looked every bit the Kolkatan cool cat. And she was surprisingly nervous and homely. John and she looked so much like a couple they could’ve been married for years. AB humoured them and made them feel 10 feet taller. There were loads of anecdotes on their past, all adding up to a fabulously fulsome hour and a half of game and anecdotes. My favourite chatty stopover was about John’s penchant for mo’bikes, with AB letting out that John, Abhishek and Uday Chopra often zoomed away in the dead of the night. Bipasha said she stopped riding pillion after the time he drove her to a nervous wreck by cribbing that his fuel tank would get scratched by her nails, etc. This was a couple so much in love you could do away with the prize money.

Well, well...wonders never shriek! And if Ketaki Dave as Daksha can make a comeback to Kyunki'Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', anything can happen on TV. Daksha Behn, the most popular character in Ekta Kapoor’s Kyunki'Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', is all set to return to the soap after a hiatus of nearly three years. Producer Ekta Kapoor confirms the return of the parody gal. “It’s true that we’re bringing back Ketaki Dave as the popular Daksha Behn in Kyunkii'. Now that the soap is turning another corner and ready to go into another generation leap, she could fit in nicely.” “Yes, Ekta and I have spoken. But the details have yet to be worked out,” the actress reluctantly says. When the actress parted ways with the producer, they brought Himani Shivpuri into Kyunki' for a while as the comic lady. But it didn’t work with Himani. “Not that anyone is indispensable,” says Ekta. “But we did miss Daksha on Kyunki'.

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