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Deal to scan on-flight water
Most US airlines have agreed to regularly monitor water on their planes after some samples taken from commercial aircraft last year were found unsafe to drink, the Environmental Protection Agency said yesterday....  | Read.. 
Simple and beautiful
The 48th International Salon organised by the Photographic Association of Dum Dum in a classroom at Motijheel College is one of the most fascinating exhibitions in recent year...  | Read.. 
A few mere broad, flat cut-outs
Social maladies demand ' and often bring out ' fitting responses from the stage. The best of the lot mirror social realities and evoke the horrors of contemporary life. On the...  | Read.. 
Humourous look at human forms
The exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts organised by Search, a group of five artists, is quite innovative ' loaded with diverse visual rewards and indicative of the contour...  | Read.. 
Sentimental intensity
Lifeless choreography
Sheer amateurishness
Actors Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes at the premiere of their latest film The Constant Gardener in London. (AP)