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The aftermath
After The Rising, came The Silence. For a brief while, reticence was Ketan Mehta’s answer to the various controversies that the movie seemed to walk into, soon after its release. First it was those who claimed to be the descendants of Man...  | Read.. 
Act 1, Scene 2
Actor Shakti Kapoor is on a trip to “purify” himself. And Calcutta’s jatra circuit seems to have provid ...  | Read.. 
Leading from the front
Hot plot
Jungle lore
Colour blind
Tittle tattle
Girl, interrupted
She can’t drink. She can’t drive. Discotheques are strictly out of bounds for her. And the right to exercise her electoral franchise is still some years away. ...  | Read.. 
Bending barriers
a picture of the women drivers who handle Maruti’s factory cars. Mumtaz has spent her entire life in Delhi’s slums, but her parents are determined to build a better future for her. They want her to work in a beauty salon, perhaps as a cler...  | Read.. 
Women under pressure
Act please!
Ticking away
The aftermath
War of the words
It’s in the genes
Blogging vs dogging
Poem in space