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Smooth & quiet, Iraq votes on Constitution
Up to 10 million Iraqis voted in a referendum today, protected by a vast security screen that deterred all but a few ineffectual insurgent attacks. ...  | Read.. 
DC’s grand dinner party goes dry
It has survived the fast-food “vulgarianism” of Bill Clinton and the Tex-Mex “cowboy” tastes of George W. Bush. But now the grand Washington dinner pa ...  | Read.. 
US pedals to beat petrol price
America may be remaking itself in China’s image even as China is increasingly looking like America: at least the urban streets of both countries, going by the latest fig ...  | Read.. 
Virus spreads in Europe
Laboratory tests today showed that the same deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu as that found in Turkey and Asia had infected ducks in Romania, confirming the virus had reached m ...  | Read.. 
Ageless vote' An Iraqi father shows his ink-stained finger and so does his son in Basra. (AFP)
World’s highest railway
China today announced the completion of the world’s highest railway, a controversial line that..  | Read..