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Q:I am a computer engineer holding BTech and MTech degrees. I have just finished a research project in Australia. I would like to come back to Calcutta and try for some job there. Please guide me in my endeavours.


A:Getting a suitable job in Calcutta should not pose a problem since you are highly qualified. You could post your resume on leading websites, network through friends and relatives to get in touch with relevant companies and also contact some leading placement companies for help in getting a suitable job.

Q:I did my MA (English) and appeared for BEd final exam from Calcutta University. I have a flare for IT but with my qualifications, my prospects in the IT industry are not good. I had studied science in my higher secondary. Will it be better if I do an MSc in IT or an MCA through correspondence, or study in IGNOU' Or, will it be better if I do an MBA in IT and systems in a regular course'

Name withheld

A:It is always preferable to enrol for a full-time course than to obtain a degree through distance learning. In a full-time course, the faculty and peer interaction as well as the learning inputs are qualitatively and quantitatively of a superior nature. So it is better to join a reputed educational institution that will meet your requirements. You should always choose your subject of specialisation based on your interest rather than guess what will enhance your career later. Because if you are not passionate about the work you do then it will become a chore and I see that as a recipe for disaster, not career progression.

Q:I am 35 years old and have an MSc in economics (below 50 per cent) and a BEd from Vidyasagar University, Midnapore. I have been unsuccessful in competitive exams for government service and now give private tuition to students. I am computer literate but not very fluent in English. I have realised that I am not good at sales or marketing jobs either. Please advise me on how I can better myself in such a situation.

Swapan Kumar Maiti, Hooghly

A:You could look for a job in the BPO industry. But before that you will need to become fluent in English. It would be better still if you joined a training institute for a BPO career. There are many such institutes catering to the needs of candidates who aspire for a career in BPOs. You could also study further, get a UGC scholarship, for which you will need to write a test and opt for research. After successfully completing your doctorate you could teach in a college or a university.

Q:I am a commerce graduate. I have passed my CA final exam recently. Hopefully, I will clear the Gr ' I in November. People have advised me to do management courses or some sort of IT courses to enhance my resume. I can't join a full-time MBA or IT course because I will soon have to start working. What sort of IT course should I go for' Will it help me if I do correspondence management courses'

Ashutosh Mallick, Howrah

A:I think being a CA is enough to establish your credentials. You don't need to get another degree straightaway. Start working in a good, reputed business house and then after a couple of years review your career requirements. If you feel getting an MBA will enhance your career at that point, sure, go ahead and work for it. Right now, it is time to get work experience.

Q:I am a 24-year-old BCom graduate and I've done a certificate course in financial accounting in computers. I have completed an engineering diploma in surveyor trade from ITI Howrah. I have some knowledge of Auto Cad. I am unemployed because I am yet to decide which career would be better for me.

Prabhat Kumar Prasad, Hooghly

A: I am not at all surprised that you are unemployed! Little knowledge in diverse fields can become a limiting factor in life. Kindly do some introspection and decide what you are happiest doing and then specialise in that field. After that, finding a job will be a cakewalk!

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