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Hu faces test on power and protege
Chinese Communist Party chief Hu Jintao opens a four-day meeting today seeking to cement his grip on power, pushing his “harmonious society” platform to cope with rising social tension and possibly naming an heir. ...  | Read.. 
Tower of terror
At 8.50 am (9.20 am IST) today many residents in the upscale Margala Towers apartment block here were enjoying the chance to sleep in after a hectic working week. ...  | Read.. 
Hard rock hurts heart
A new study has shown that listening to music that has a slow or meditative tempo has a relaxing effect on people, slowing their breathing and heart rate, whereas listening t ...  | Read.. 
Drug bust turns Boy
Singer Boy George was arraigned early this morning in Manhattan on drug possession charges after police arrested him when they found a small amount of cocaine at his apartmen ...  | Read.. 
Hu Jintao
Bound together by pain and prayers
I will never forget how the earth growled. Thinking that something had gone wrong with the steering ..  | Read.. 
Flight for life, from classrooms and bunkers
People jumped off buildings, troops climbed out of bunkers and ran, and schoolchildren dashed out of..  | Read..