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Father shoots daughter in mall

New Delhi, Oct. 7: Rao Bhim Singh was furious with his daughter for marrying without his consent. So he shot her.

Morning shoppers at a mall in upmarket Rohini in northwest Delhi looked on stunned as the raging father whipped out a revolver and fired ' not once ' but thrice at his 24-year-old daughter. One bullet hit Neelu Yadav in the forehead and the other two in the abdomen.

She slumped to the ground ' dead ' as the last bullet from her father’s gun slammed into her.

Bhim Singh also fired at Neelu’s husband ' the son-in-law he had refused to accept. Saranjit Singh, who works in a Gurgaon call centre, was hit in the arm and rushed to a nearby hospital. The 26-year-old is said to be in a serious condition.

The 50-year-old also fired a bullet in the air. “He tried to shoot people standing nearby, but by then police and the people caught him and brought him under control,” a witness said.

The police have placed Bhim Singh under arrest. His wife was detained for questioning.

Police sources said Bhim Singh, who owns an animal fodder shop near his Pitampura residence, was furious as his daughter had eloped and married Saranjit, a Punjabi who belongs to a different caste and comes from a financially weaker family.

Beat constables and several bystanders were witness to the incident, which happened around 11.30 in the parking lot of the M2K Mall, as it was preceded by a loud row. The young couple were sitting in the McDonald’s restaurant, which faces the parking lot, when Bhim Singh and his wife arrived.

“The man virtually dragged his daughter out of the restaurant. They had a huge fight and he was telling the girl to leave the boy. The beat constables were watching and tried to act as mediators. First, he seemed to be listening and calmed down. Then suddenly, he took out a gun and shot his daughter. The boy started running away and then he shot him also. The policemen just retreated when they saw he was armed,” said a witness.

Another witness said Bhim Singh was screaming at his daughter that “no one will come to save her”.

The police said Neelu, who was an MPhil student, and Saranjit met at a computer class and had known each other for a few years. Saranjit had even approached the police a few days ago saying they feared for their lives.

Sources said the two decided to elope as Neelu’s parents were opposed to their marriage and tied the knot on February 16 last year. But within a few days of their marriage, Bhim Singh found out where they were living and forced his daughter to return to his Pitampura house. He and his wife then began pressuring Neelu to marry a person of their choice.

Last week, Neelu told Saranjit about the pressure she was facing from her parents. This morning, the couple were to meet at the mall but Bhim Singh found out about their rendezvous ' their last.

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