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Deadliest virus in history resurrected
The deadliest virus on record has been resurrected from a strain of influenza that was preserved in the frozen body of a victim of the 1918 pandemic and triggered a row about whether the benefits of its recreation outweigh the risks. ...  | Read.. 
Qaida floats ad for supporters
Al Qaida has put job advertisements on the Internet asking for supporters to help put together its Web statements and video montages, an Arabic newspaper reported. ...  | Read.. 
Iran role in Iraq: Blair
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said today that evidence pointed to Iran or its Lebanese Hizbollah allies as the source of sophisticated explosives used in roadside bombs i ...  | Read.. 
Pak poll final phase peaceful
After violence and killings in earlier rounds, the final phase of Pakistanís local elections passed off largely peacefully today as thousands of newly elected councillor ...  | Read.. 
Tony Blair in London. (Reuters)
Not family yet, but in the family way
Tom Cruise and fiancee Katie Holmes are expecting a baby six months into a whirlwind romance that h..  | Read.. 
Parody puts Blunkett in bed
David Blunkett faces fresh embarrassment with the broadcast of a television satire about his affair..  | Read.. 
BMW car handed over to Pope
Germanyís BMW has handed the keys to an X5 full-size s ...  | Read..