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Excess of intention
Unfortunately, administrative law is not readily available and this is especially true at the state-level. Remarkably, a government-appointed commission on the review of administrative laws said in September 1998, 'The Commission was seriously constr...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Small fry
Sir ' It is painful to see children suffer at the hands of cunning politicians seeking cheap public ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' The pavement on the Jodhpur Park-Gariahat Road south area is being broken at regular interval ...  | Read.. 
The dream of Dar ul Islam, or Land of Islam, has been part of Indonesia's history of blood for a long time, certainly from be...| Read.. 
He who pays the piper calls the tune. Even those who consider this to be an extreme position will agree that the provider of ...| Read.. 
Delight and dissent
National Day and China is red again: at least on the streets and in newspapers. Front-page pictures are full of school kids a...  | Read.. 
Ready, steady, go
A welcome piece of news on the sports pages recently was that Zee Sports would telecast football matches in the country in a big way and would pay the All India Football Feder...  | Read.. 
Integrated planning for disasters
Institutional arrangements for disaster response are the heart of disaster management systems. There is no dearth of personnel, both civilian and military, experienced in hand...  | Read.. 
The healthy life is hardly one marked by an absence of crises. In fact, an individual's psychological health is distinguished by how early he or she can meet crisis. ' SCOTT M. PECK