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Fried, in the name of Father
By the time the VIPs arrived, the children were falling like ninepins. ...  | Read.. 
Tata town, all over again
Townships accompanying large industrial projects may not be in fashion as much as in the days before liberalisation, but the Tatas will build another Jamshedpur. ...  | Read.. 
Ghost scare closes school
A feud among sorcerers has prompted the closure of a state-run higher secondary school in a tribal-dominated village of Madhya Pradesh. ...  | Read.. 
Fear for life from bookies: Cronje book
Biography reopens South Africa wound in contrast to hush-up job in India
Earlier this week, the policeman who caught Hansie Cronje was found having amassed wealth not justified by his income. Now, it has come to light that in the hours immediately ...  | Read.. 
Two schoolchildren who collapsed at Green Park, Kanpur, on Sunday. Telegraph picture
Fried, in the name of Father
I thank Kasuri sahib for his kind invitation

after reaching Islamabad
Leave rage kills soldiers
Denied leave, a soldier gunned down two seniors and another colleague before killing himself i ...  | Read..
Scented UK crown for Indian
One of the richest Indian families in Britain, the Jatanias, is buying Yardley, the cosmetics f ...  | Read..