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For freedom to endure
When Soviet troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 no one could have foreseen that, in a little over a decade, Nato would establish a military presence in that forbidding country. Yet for the past two years a Nato-led operation has been in progress...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Action packed
Sir ' The coach and captain of the Indian cricket team discuss strategy in the dressing room. The d ...  | Read.. 
Nobody is playing cricket in the world of Indian cricket. By any reckoning, things are in a right royal mess. It is quite cle...| Read.. 
Peace deals with militant groups are always a battle of attrition. The line between their successes and failures is thin and ...| Read.. 
Flying low and slow
When the employees of civil aviation go on strike because there has been a decision to privatize and upgrade our embarrassing...  | Read.. 
Promises to keep
This is a week for celebrating Indo-Canadian relations. K. Natwar Singh's whistle-stop tour of Canada, which began in Ottawa yesterday, taking him to Montreal today and ending...  | Read.. 
The poor suffer the most
There has been an increase in the number of natural disasters over the past years, and with it, increasing losses on account of urbanisation and population growth, as a result...  | Read.. 
The great man...walks across his century and leaves the marks of his feet all over it, ripping out the dates on his galoshes as he passes. ' STEPHEN LEACOCK