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Perform or perish: Greg

Harare, Sept. 23 (PTI): India coach Greg Chappell today said he was setting tough standards for players to achieve with an eye on the 2007 World Cup.

Read in the context of an e-mail he has sent to the cricket board in which he called captain Sourav Ganguly “physically and mentally unfit” to lead, his comments leave no doubt about who these are targeted at.

“I don’t deny we are putting a lot of pressure on the players. I am expecting them to reach certain standards. Those that reach and maintain those standards will be the ones who will survive.

“If we want to have any chance of success in the 2007 World Cup, we will need a strong group, mentally and physically. We can’t afford to fail only because we haven’t prepared properly.”

Chappell said the pressure on the boys so far have only been in a controlled manner.

“The pressure that we have applied is to find out those who have the character and the capacity to deal with what is required to be a successful team.

“Some of the guys have struggled. Some of them have resisted the change. But if you want to stand up to the demands of modern game, you have to be able to back up day after day.

“Over the last couple of months, everything we have done is to find out the players who have a way to go forward.”

Besides bowling, batting and fielding, Chappell felt the players needed to earn points on the four criteria of intangibles, which he and the support staff have developed.

“This is the intangible of running between wickets, mental strength, situational awareness, personality strength. Unless players are strong in three of these four areas, they are going to find it tells against them in the selection process.”

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