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KGB story: Don’t miss footnotes
The KGB had “contacts” with CPM leaders in Bengal after the party’s victory in the Assembly elections in June 1977, it is claimed in the book on Soviet intelligence written by the Cambridge historian, Professor Christopher Andrew. ...  | Read.. 
Gaur scratches Nath’s back, Nath Gaur’s
After cross-border camaraderie, it is time for home-grown bonhomie. ...  | Read.. 
Storm havoc in Andhra
A cyclonic storm ravaged 12 districts in Andhra Pradesh since yesterday, killing 34 people and leaving almost 50,000 homeless. ...  | Read.. 
Preeti case arrests
Police today arrested two more persons on the charge of accepting a contract to kill director Madhur Bhandarkar even as a top official of the force hinted at a larger pro ...  | Read.. 
US changes visa rules
The US has changed visa rules for India, making it mandatory for applicants to pay $100 as application fee before seeking an appointment for interview. ...  | Read.. 
Actor Shahrukh Khan speaks at the release of his DVD, The Inner World of Shahrukh Khan and The Outer World of Shahrukh Khan, in Mumbai on Tuesd ...  | Read
Kurien scores sack victory
Over 100 Indians in Thai net
Best Bakery
Deaths in hotel
Top woman officer heads harass probe
A new court of inquiry headed by Air Marshal Padma Bandopadhyay, the airstrike wing’s seni..  | Read.. 
Green channel for foreign students
The government is planning to relax rules for granting research visas to make it easier for for..  | Read.. 
Doubts over heart repair by stem cells
In a long-awaited, cautious presentation, a top Indian ...  | Read.. 

UTI to pay for postal fraud
The Supreme Court today held Unit Trust of India accountabl ...  | Read.. 

Scanner on Buta
Was Bihar governor Buta Singh ready to consider only tw ...  | Read.. 

Laloo easy with seat slice
Leading a truncated UPA ' minus the Lok Janshakti Party ...  | Read.. 

Keep the wisdom, not the tooth
Young adults who keep their wisdom teeth often quickly ...  | Read.. 

Israelis fined for kissing
A local court today fined an Israeli couple who had been ar ...  | Read.. 

Get cell-savvy, else wife may dump you
Husbands without mobile phones, beware. If you don’ ...  | Read..