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Case of the lawyer wife
The finance minister is an honourable man. We have therefore to accept, and with grace, his breathtaking statement; before the matter was raised in parliament, he had no idea of his wife, Nalini Chidambaram, being engaged by the income tax department...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Unfair play
Sir ' In the leader, 'Mad girl in a little dress' (Sept 10), the unfortunate girl from Dhenkanal an ...  | Read.. 
There is much that is reassuring about the domestic violence bill. It enumerates ' astonishingly enough, for the first time ...| Read.. 
Daydreaming is usually a harmless activity. But there is something rather alarmingly absurd about the chief minister's all-em...| Read.. 
Through the roof, and higher
Why do international crude oil prices continue to rise, even now when they have touched unheard of levels' To take stock ' oi...  | Read.. 
The audacity of the general
The prime minister's visit to New York should prove to be an important moment in the learning curve for him and the establishment. He will be more careful perhaps about claimi...  | Read.. 
To be better prepared next time
In order to assist the state governments in capacity building and awareness generation activities and to learn from past experiences..., the ministry of home affairs has compi...  | Read.. 
The woman voter would be pernicious to the State not only because she could not back her vote by physical abuse, but also by reason of her intellectual defects. ' ALMROTH EDWARD WRIGHT