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Own goal
The Quit India movement launched by the Congress in 1942 was an act of political desperation, the delayed sequel to an act of political folly. The resolution that formally inaugurated the rebellion was passed in August, nearly three years after His M...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Of life and death
Sir ' Now that the apex court has ruled that 'Life sentence for life: SC' (Sept 17), state governme ...  | Read.. 
Sir ' Times have changed. Gone are the days when only Brahmins were authorized by the Vedas to chan ...  | Read.. 
Cricket is the only sport in which a fuss is made over captaincy. So much importance is ascribed to a captain in cricket that...| Read.. 
Which way'
Family ties
Another hero
Losing team
Mission possible
Making of an artiste
The true aristocracy and the true proletariat of the world are both in understanding with tragedy. To them it is...the key, the minor key, to existence. They differ in this way from the bourgeoisie of all classes, who will not tolerate it, and to whom the word tragedy is itself an unpleasantness. ' KAREN BLIXEN
Act 1 is over, wait for Act 2
The 150-minute flight from Delhi to Chennai could have been just the place for thrashing out some old ghosts. But Lal Krishna...  | Read..