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Sharing confusion
It is gradually becoming clear that the proposal of a partial divestment of BHEL has been shelved under exacting pressure from the left and due to an earnest desire of the Congress to clutch at power and remain in business. The left would like to pos...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Sir ' I am amazed by the West Bengal government's apparent disinterest in the Centre's proposal to ...  | Read.. 
In an ideal world, a child is simply a child ' irrespective of religion, colour, caste and class. Yet a child cannot choose n...| Read.. 
Peace is too important to be left only to armed rebels and official committees. But the crucial thing for peace in Assam is n...| Read.. 
To know how to do good
It is rather disturbing when one hears protagonists of the tribal rights bill explaining and elaborating fresh demands that a...  | Read.. 
Our laws, their norms
The international human rights law regime is of relatively recent origin. It took the murder of over six million Jews, communists, trade unionists, homosexuals, gypsies and ot...  | Read.. 
Under the sheltering sky
Mainstreaming mitigation in rural development schemes: rural housing and community assets for vulnerable sections of the population are created on a fairly large scale by the ...  | Read.. 
I am the ugliest fairy in the world, and I shall be till people behave themselves as they ought to do. And then I shall grow as handsome as my sister...Mrs Doasyouwouldbedoneby. ' CHARLES KINGSLEY