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Perfecting the past
The present is always a difficult place to live in. Given the all-too-obvious imperfections of the present we have to make do with, it's always instructive to see how much some people crave a perfect past. Few of us, I believe, need any introduction ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Heart of darkness
Sir ' This is the 21st century, and we call ourselves modern. But wonder of wonders, there are stil ...  | Read.. 
Eager helpers
Sir ' The United Progressive Alliance government's decision to give away five million dollars of In ...  | Read.. 
Goals and visions are necessarily expressed in the future tense. And disempowerment is about never being able to bring the fu...| Read.. 
Marriage market
Odd favourite
Power couples
Just a shade better
Out of the ordinary
The King, Koirala and I
Why, as civilization spreads, do outstanding men become fewer' Why, when attainments are the lot of all, do great intellectual talents become rarer' Why, when there are no longer lower classes, are there no longer upper classes' Why, when knowledge of how to rule reaches the masses, is there a lack of great abilities in the direction of society' ' ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE
Horror city
Samuel Paul was mentally geared up to face the fury of road-users when he planned a pro-test rally on a busy Bangalore road d...  | Read..