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Can’t bet on them
This is an electrically charged moment. The eyes of the entire nation are on this delivery. Kukunoor has realistically moved in to cover position; he has Script at silly point. Music, Camera, Direction and Performance have all moved in closer. Will t...  | Read.. 
Some famous cricket-film cheeky ‘singles’ ' and dropped catches ...  | Read.. 
Preity-Saif under same roof!
Trust Bollywood to latch on to any formula that might have a see-able lining. Last week’s film, Pyaar Mein Twist, Read.. 
‘I cannot disregard the audiences’ love and support. I think I am blessed’
“I can’t understand why I keep getting chance after chance,” the popular Fame Gurukul contestant ...  | Read.. 
Aakhir kyon'
Aftab, Esha and Amisha replace Sanjay, Rituparna and Divya in Vikram Bhatt’s autobiographical film. A complete overhaul! By Subhash K. Jha ...  | Read.. 
Kahin door jab din dhal jaaye...
It’s been 10 years since we lost Salil Choudhury (d. Sept. 5). But his magic also seems to be lost in the remix din. Can we afford to let that happen' ...  | Read.. 
Chocolate-worm metaphor
Come September, and it’s Atanu Ghosh’s Tatka Galpe Aatka Maash “mini-mega”, as it’s come to b ...  | Read.. 
Terrorism and luminosity
Sekhar Das is the intrepid filmmaker who doesn’t recognise obstacles when he comes across them; he just removes them any ...  | Read.. 
Second First Impression Daniel Bedingfield Universal; Rs 150 ...  | Read.. 
Showing that face
Meandering, stale
Where, where'
Lip-smacking fare