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Eternal recurrence
History, as Marx said, repeats itself; first as tragedy and then as farce. But is it possible that the repetition of history can present itself as a new opportunity' This question is particularly apt at the moment when the past narratives of Indian p...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Put to test
Sir ' There is considerable debate in education circles all over India about school curricula ' the ...  | Read.. 
Class and religion
Sir ' When I first read the news about the staff and guardians of students of a state school opposi ...  | Read.. 
Social justice requires the state to give special privileges to some people. But democracy works on the principle that all ar...| Read.. 
Cruelty to children is not shocking in India; it is quite routine. If poverty is the reason behind the vast army of child lab...| Read.. 
Beware of big names
Haagen Daz ice cream costs 32 yuan a cup in south China, and is available only at select outlets. Locally made ice creams cos...  | Read.. 
The other half of the sky
Women’s rights are a non-issue. Instead of trying so hard to reserve seats for women, Indian politicians should first try to eradicate poverty, writes Sumanta Sen ...  | Read.. 
Minimizing the risk
Extracts from the government of India’s status report on Disaster Management in India, August 2004 ...  | Read.. 
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