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What we like to believe
Let me make an honest but terrible confession. My deep and abiding interest in history began through reading Combat comics. My favourites were the Battler Britain comics about a doughty Royal Air Force officer who, almost single-handedly, took on a G...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Eastward ho!
Sir ' Stuck with years of communist baggage that turned West Bengal into an industrial wasteland, B ...  | Read.. 
Identity is always a dodgy business. The sangh parivar was smug about its own identity till the Bharatiya Janata Party...| Read.. 
There is much to be said for traditional wisdom. Sages, businessmen and fiery-eyed novelists have insisted through the ages t...| Read.. 
Old trick of oil and water
When one reads a headline in a national daily saying, 'Bengal has to reform or perish, says Buddha in Singapore hardsell,' on...  | Read.. 
Capitalism only works well when it has a strong opposition, because that forces it to be more egalitarian than it wants to be. ' PAUL MALOR SWEEZY
With the right motives
Mauryan India: A People's History of India 4 Edited by Irfan Habib and Vive...  | Read.. 
Two Rajas of art
RAJA RAVI VARMA: PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST (Oxford, Rs 2,250)...  | Read.. 
Community and the individual
Telling Lives in India: Biography, Autobio- graphy and Life History Edited...  | Read.. 
Intrigue in a time of war
Death in Danzig By Stefan Chwin, Secker and Warburg, $ 14...  | Read.. 
Out with the trade secrets
Perhaps a sociological novel about publishing has been written and, being e...  | Read.. 

Stomachs are a lost cause