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Where’s the revolution'
Science is not done by popular vote. But nothing can be taken for granted when string theory is the subject. So when Stephen Shenker, a Stanford University theorist who was moderating a panel discussion in Toronto on the future of the putative theory of everything, asked for a show of hands on the fate of a strange number known as the cosmological constant, some 400 physicists and mathematicians were happy to swallow their doubts and vote...  | Read.. 
Fertile imagination
The answer to life, the Universe and everything is 42, according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Writing the classic sci-fi fantasy in 1978, Douglas Adams conjectured that everything known about the cosmos could be reduced to a few numbers. It was a good philosophical joke ...  | Read.. 
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Skill is the key
Not so symbolic
A Mac-like feeling
There are drop-shadowed windows with semi-transparent glossy green bars on which minimise-maximise-close buttons glow like ballooned chicklets, but will you be dazzled solely by ...  | Read.. 
Human controller
Locket music
Tough diagnosis
The big man was slumped over his breakfast tray, face cradled in a bran muffin, silent and blue. He had crashed into the emergency room the evening before, bellowing that he felt sick ...  | Read.. 
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Food shield
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Vioxx secrets weren’t divulged for years
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Nasal shot for Alzheimer’s
Erotic images blur judgement
QED: Wanted: fun in science
How would you react if your university arranges for a magic show as a supplementary to your regular curriculum' Wouldn’t it be nice if some boring lectures of molecular biology or quantum physics are replaced by a few funny tricks' ...  | Read.. 
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Metro; ' 14.99
...  | Read.. 
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