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A toast to tradition
The scorched-ash and river-rock detailing of Next Door Nobu in Manhattan's hip Tribeca district, owned by Robert de Niro, among others' Or Philadelphia’s mod Pod and its lozenge-shaped bar counter of translucent amber resin embedded with white neon lights…...  | Read.. 
The legend of a liquor stop
If one were to step inside the bar at Calcutta's Saturday Club, he or she would see a row of medals in glass cases displayed ...  | Read.. 
Live today, pay tomorrow
There is this new Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge ad from HSBC. Of the two friends, one is casual and confident. The other...  | Read.. 

The classic cocktail bar is back
A toast to tradition

Hello, it's Sunday, August 21, 2005
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City Lights
More is the Mantra Three-in-one ...  | Read.. 
Band bash
The city’s favourite live-music address celebrated its 11th anniversar...  | Read.. 
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Old Friends, Live on Stage
Satyajit Ray: A vision of cinema
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