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Metro’s out, 'ber is in
Metrosexual is out; 'bersexual is in. Just when man got used to the idea that it was good to coat himself in moisturiser and ask girls personal questions without being considered a bit limp-wristed, he’s going to have to start all over agai...  | Read.. 
Bond’s appeal rubs off on car
Cliche or not, the James Bond “007” franchise continues to be held in high esteem as regards sex appeal in Britain ...  | Read.. 
Don’t worry, be happy
I am not an expert and so I wouldn’t like to define fitness. But I think for a professional sportsman, it is necessary to maintain a fitness level while protecting the bod...  | Read.. 
Diet Watch
Q:Almonds and walnuts are said to be good for our body but they are also very expensive. How beneficial are these for our health' Are they worth the money' ...  | Read.. 
Freedom show' A model at a fashion show in Islamabad, organised to celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day on Sunday. (AFP)