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Reggae, halal and 7/7
The day after 7/7 and the American media's discovery of a caricatured version of the stiff upper lip and British resilience, an English historian sought to capture the grittiness of London through the evergreen lyrics of Noel Coward: 'Every Blitz/ Yo...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Injustice comes of age
Sir ' Yes, Mannmohan Singh has assured that those guilty of perpetrating violence against the Sikhs ...  | Read.. 
Private schools in West Bengal get to see a peculiar aspect of the Left Front government. This is a strange mix of anxiety an...| Read.. 
Nations are equal in theory and fractious in practice; the politics of international institutions can be Byzantine and convol...| Read.. 
Get rich on the dole
Elite. It is a word that provokes negative reactions from all those who claim they are the do-gooders for society. Social abu...  | Read.. 
Laughter is much more important than applause. Applause is almost a duty. Laughter is a reward. Laughter means they trust and like you. ' CAROL CHANNING
Images of grace
In its detailed descriptions, precision and quality of production (t...  | Read.. 
For a space of one's own
The Narrow Corridor: Moments in a Woman's Life By Muriel Wasi, Promill...  | Read.. 
The crushing reality
Headcrusher By Garros-Evdokimov, Chatto & Windus, ' 10.99...  | Read.. 
Among the powerful
Sammy's Hill, By Kristin Gore, Hutchinson '10.99...  | Read.. 
To everyone's satisfaction
There is a vague popular belief that publishers are necessarily dishonest. ...  | Read.. 

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