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A class for every child
Last time I wrote for you I was basically trying to draw your attention to one interesting exchange that had once taken place nearly sixty years ago on the floor of India's new constituent assembly. B.R. Ambedkar was replying to two amendments to an ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Bird's-eye view
Sir ' In 'Long view of the raj' (Aug 6), Ramachandra Guha charges Manmohan Singh with singing insuf ...  | Read.. 
Small is beautiful
Sir ' The Madhya Pradesh chief minister, Babulal Gaur, has rightly indicated that he may abolish th ...  | Read.. 
Mr Jagdish Tytler should no longer be entitled to any of the titles he enjoys. He is a cabinet minister and well-known Congre...| Read.. 
What's in the name of an electoral constituency' Nothing much, one would assume, unless it means the loss of more than a name...| Read.. 
Get the most out of them
It would be difficult for Japanese managers to humiliate Chinese workers the way they have reportedly humiliated Indian worke...  | Read.. 
Beware, urban nightmare ahead
The deluge in Mumbai has several lessons for the city, but its most serious implications are for the future of urban India, writes Bhaskar Ghose ...  | Read.. 
To build a just and lasting peace
Extracts from the statement issued by the IRA, on July 28, 2005, announcing an end to their armed campaign....  | Read.. 
This world is bad enough maybe;/ We do not comprehend it;/ But in one fact can all agree/ God won't, and we can't mend it. ' ARTHUR HUGH CLOUGH