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Do you think that with rapid growth of Internet facilities, the courier services are getting affected'

True, with the growth of facilities like Internet banking, e-mail and online marketing, courier services are getting affected. Fewer people are using couriers to send letters. Competition is forcing courier services to upgrade themselves to be faster and cheaper.

Do you think people are losing faith in the courier services'

Yes, it cannot be denied that many courier service providers have to face complaints from disgruntled customers. People complain about goods lost or late deliveries. It is unfortunate, but there are very few courier services providing genuine service to their customers.

What type of items are generally sent by customers, through courier services'

Customers still depend on courier services to send goods. Many courier services have built bonds with customers because of the excellent service they have provided over the years. To them, customers readily hand over personal goods like watches, computers, clothes, and official items, like drafts, cheques, and legal documents, as well.

What confidence-building measures should be taken by the courier service providers'

There are some measures that we have taken. Computerisation, which very few have done. This helps a customer know if his good has been delivered simply by feeding in his receipt number. This is assuring to the customer.

In the case of goods lost, where should the customers lodge their complaints'

Complaint can be lodged with the courier service owner. We always try to tackle the problem immediately, as the customer should not suffer losses.

Arti Sahuliyar

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