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Fixed at Birth
There are people who can “cure” you of your sexual orientation. If you are a woman, your eyes will no longer linger on tall, dark, musclebound Lotharios. If you are a man, your heart will no longer flutter at the sight of a plunging cleavage or a smooth thigh ' instead it will thump i...  | Read.. 
Ultra-fast reaction
How about a camera that can capture events lasting for a millionth of a trillionth of a second' If you think nothing happens that fast, you’re mi ...  | Read.. 
Away from everyday issues
The devastating monsoon in western India and the met office’s failure to gauge the disaster accurately have once again exposed gaping holes in st ...  | Read.. 
Scientists prepare ultra-thin material
It’s like a one-atom-thick wafer and has, essentially, two dimensions instead of three (only length and breadth, no height). A team of British a ...  | Read.. 
Earth’s heat
Hybrid species
Longevity gene
Mindless effort
Wrong advice
Itinerary in codes
Mobile phones have turned public telephone kiosks into an endangered species, banished peace and quiet from trains and destroyed the ability of a generation to plan ahead ...  | Read.. 
New password
Easier keyboard
Power of prayer
In nearly every faith, for thousands of years, congregations have regularly gathered to pray for the sick. While many believers accept on faith that such prayers help patients get better...  | Read.. 
Brain circuit disorder
Smell therapy
Not really an ageing problem
Heart drugs have a strong male bias
The pill can trigger cancer
Yogurt combats colitis
Dietary strategy for teenagers
QED: Nasa’s poor gambit
If all goes well, Discovery, the space shuttle sent to space by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa), will re-enter the earth’s atmosphere on Monday. After the dilemma over the hydrogen-fuel sensors and the breakage of ...  | Read.. 
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Cartoon guide to chemistry
Larry Gonick and Craig Riddle
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Why Corner
Why are water drops spherical in shape'
Doctor's Desk
This week: cosmetic surgery