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Partition's hinge
In the decade before de-colonization, it was the first five years, from the provincial elections of 1937 to the Quit India movement of 1942, that saw the creation and consolidation of a separatist Muslim politics at an all-India level. At the end of ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Not slow enough
Sir ' Has The Telegraph taken upon itself to boost the sagging morale of Sourav Ganguly' 'S ...  | Read.. 
Pure fancy
Sir ' Khushwant Singh's 'Sermons on the idiot box' (July 29) exposes his bias against Muslims and a ...  | Read.. 
Stick to the knitting is a slogan that has been made memorable by the famous management guru, Mr C.K. Prahlad. The substance ...| Read.. 
Running wild
Men are from Mars...
Ready answers
Yet another front
Grounds for protest
Comeback kid
To create is first of all to destroy...there is and can be no such thing as authentic art until the bons trucs (whereby we are taught to see and imitate...this so-called world) are entirely and thoroughly and perfectly annihilated by that vast and painful process of the Unthinking which may result in a minute bit of purely personal Feeling. Which minute bit is art ' E.E. CUMMINGS
Itís a disaster
Trudging through chest-deep water as he headed home in rain-maimed Mumbai last week, Vijay Mahajan didnít miss the irony...  | Read..