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Long view of the raj
Our prime minister is a mild-mannered man; no one, not even his friend, fellow economist and Oxford contemporary, Amartya Sen, would ever call him an 'argumentative Indian'. Yet a speech he recently delivered at Oxford has kicked up an almighty row. ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Cramped and chaotic
Sir ' The report, 'Tiers aloft to ease traffic' (July 27), claims that a major reason for Calcutta' ...  | Read.. 
Tit for tat
Sir ' Sentiments like the one voiced in the editorial, 'The fall' (July 26) ' 'terror can only be c ...  | Read.. 
Prime movers
Sir ' Prime time yesterday was a hectic one for television watchers, what with Amitabh Bachchan's ...  | Read.. 
The return of a phenomenon never quite captures the imagination as the debut appearance. The former Indian captain, Sourav Ga...| Read.. 
Before the cancer spreads
Jawaharlal Nehru smoked a cigarette after every meal. Jinnah was a chain smoker. Winston Churchill had a cigar in his mouth m...  | Read.. 
Life is not all Beer and Skittles. The inherent tragedy of things works itself out from white to black and blacker, and the poor things of a day look ruefully on. Does it shake my cast-iron faith' I cannot say it does. I believe in an ultimate decency of things; ay, and if I woke in hell, should still believe it! ' R.L. STEVENSON
wall of FAME
Despite his predecessorís impressive record, no one is taking Rahul Dravidís captaincy lightly ...  | Read..