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Itemised cinema
Location: Inside a movie hall. Light: Pitch dark (yeah, well, inside the theatre, what else') Sound: The characters onscreen are openly noisy, the characters around, slyly so (every film has at least one loud popcorn cruncher an...  | Read.. 
Shall we more'
Are those great Hollywood musicals dead and gone forever' ...  | Read.. 
Your overwhelming response to KYA DIALOGUE MAARA! (etc, July 16 and 23) is evidence of your enjoying the dialoguebaazi with us ...  | Read.. 
Water way to go!
Deepa Mehta’s Water will open the Toronto festival. And her next dream' A project with Mr Bachchan. By Subhash K. Jha ...  | Read.. 
Marketing movies
Lots of nudes is good news for Arjun Sablok. And there’s Tanishaa and Uday shooting in Canada ...  | Read.. 
Nuggets, three
In every artiste’s life there remain some unsung stories. You should listen to some of Kishore Kumar’s buried beauties...  | Read.. 
Telly go round
This new monthly serial (daily, except Sundays, throughout a month), excitedly called “mini-mega” by Joy Mukharji, ...  | Read.. 
Antara Maali can speak about being “irreplaceable” to Ram Gopal Varma. She has him wrapped around her little ...  | Read.. 
Ritwik Ghatak’s two well-known films that saw the full developm ...  | Read.. 
Out of Exile
Universal; Rs 150
...  | Read.. 
Downing the don
Is this ominous'
Double-action film
Love under siege
Itemised cinema
Action overkill