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Zubin: Zafar, you shouldn't gamble. You will win one day and lose the next day.

Zafar: No problem. I'll gamble every alternate day.

raktim bhattacharjee, Class VIII, Little Star School, Sonitpur, Assam


Prakriti: Mum, I've decided to stop studying from today.

Mother: Why so'

Prakriti: I heard that someone was shot dead yesterday for knowing too much.

fatema kangroo, Class VII, Loreto Day School, Calcutta


Pankaj: I was feeling so tired that I decided to toss a coin ' heads for coming to school and tails for going back to bed.

Hemant: And what was the result'

Pankaj: Tails, of course, after 10 tosses.

hrishikesh thakur, Class IV, Don Bosco High School, Jorhat, Assam


Father: How do you like going to school, son'

Son: I like going and I like coming back, but it's the time in between that I don't like.

malay nirula, Class VI, Delhi Public School, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal


Sara: Mum, can I have two rupees for the man who is crying outside'

Mother: What's the old man saying'

Sara: He is crying out, saying, 'ice lollies, two rupees each!'

anirudh jain, Class VII, Abhinav Bharati High School, Calcutta


A man once ran over a woman's cat...

Man: Sorry, ma'am. your cat is already dead. Is there something I can do for you'

Woman: Can you catch mice'

kushagra tiwary, Class VIII, Don Bosco, Bandel, West Bengal


First hunter: How can you be sure that you hit the duck'

Second hunter: I shot him both in the foot and the head at the same time.

First hunter: How can you possibly do that'

Second Hunter: You see, the duck was scratching its head.

debayan nag, Class VI, Adams International School, Uttarpara, West Bengal


Two priests were speeding down the road on a motorbike, when a policeman stopped them.

Policeman: Don't you think you're driving too fast' I'll have to fine you.

Priests: Have no fear. God is with us.

Policeman: Then I'll have to fine you anyway.

Priests: Why'

Policeman: Because three people are not allowed on a bike.

akriti anand, Class VI, Sacred Heart School, Ranchi, Jharkhand


Q: Why did Kamal keep the tape recorder on the fridge'

A: He wanted to hear some cool music!

aditya vikram daga, Class VI, Haryana Vidya Mandir, Calcutta


Lady: I like this dog but his legs are too short.

Shop owner: What are you trying to say' All his legs reach the floor, don't they'

sweta p. pattnaik, Class VII, St Vincent's Convent School, Balasore, Orissa

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