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Walk risky & easy: Astronauts
Discovery’s astronauts had misgivings about the risky spacewalk mission to the shuttle’s fragile belly but agreed to try the repair because it seemed relatively easy to do, crew members said today. ...  | Read.. 
Bus fire sparks panic
Frightened passengers on a London bus leapt from the upper deck window today when a small fire on board triggered panic amid fears of another terror attack, witnesses said. ...  | Read.. 
Nepal army challenges Amnesty
The Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) today denied that it was arming villagers to take on the Maoist rebels in rural Nepal. ...  | Read.. 
King Fahd’s austere end
Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd was buried in a simple unmarked grave today after a brief funeral to mourn the monarch who ruled the oil superpower for more than two turbulent ...  | Read.. 
President George W. Bush smiles while speaking to members of the Discovery crew from the White House. (AFP)
Bacall bashing
Male pride
Kim digits
Red call
Mai US trip in doubt
Gangrape victim Mukhtaran Mai has been invited to address a protest rally in New York next month be..  | Read.. 
Drug police tried to frame me: Jagger
The senior Scotland Yard officer who investigated a complaint by Mick Jagger in 1969 that he ha..  | Read..