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Fahd dead, successor swiftly in place
Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd died today and Crown Prince Abdullah was swiftly pronounced monarch in a smooth succession set to maintain the policies of the world’s largest oil exporter and key US ally. ...  | Read.. 
Kingdom to toe old line
Monarch in all but name for 10 years already, Saudi Arabia’s new reformist King Abdullah can wield full authority after succeeding his half-brother Fahd but will not wre ...  | Read.. 
Oil taps set to stay open
The world’s top oil exporter Saudi Arabia will stand by its policy of pumping enough oil to satisfy markets and stabilise prices following the death of King Fahd, a lead ...  | Read.. 
Iran to break UN nuke seals
Iran said it would break UN seals on a nuclear plant and resume work that the West suspects could help it build an atom bomb, defying EU warnings such a step could crush hope ...  | Read.. 
Beyonce Knowles at a children's home in Washington. (Reuters)
Locating Lenin
Film crash
Condi co-ordinator to take on Castro
The 46-year stand-off between Cuba and America has taken a turn for the worse after Washington ..  | Read.. 
A 300-kg ‘rascal’ and a belly job in space
Two spacewalking astronauts replaced a broken steering device on the International Space Station to..  | Read.. 
Baby deaths
Police in Germany have discovered the bones of nine newborn ...  | Read.. 

Bush evades Senate to confirm Bolton post
President George W. Bush bypassed the Senate and appointed ...  | Read.. 

Fiery Pak cleric hits Dubai barrier
Pakistan’s Opposition leader, firebrand cleric Fazal-u ...  | Read.. 

24 killed in Sudan riots
At least 24 people were killed in Khartoum today in riots s ...  | Read..