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Tabloid shake-up tickles feud gossip
In his resignation as heir apparent to the biggest and most powerful media empire that the world has seen, Lachlan Murdoch has proved that, like politics, all news is local....  | Read.. 
Bluetooth bridges a gulf
ďOh my God! Itís him!Ē squeals 21-year-old Fatima as her mobile phone beeps, alerting her to an incoming mess ...  | Read.. 
Reinventing the old in Bollywood
Itís vintage season in Bollywood these days. A time to go romancing the old, and forget puppy love and candy floss tales and all that jazz about dil vil pyar vyar ...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Gene puzzle
Iam astonished by how different a friendís daughters are. While one is an extrovert, the other is reserved and withdrawn. While one is brimming over with self-confidence,...  | Read.. 
The Oakley Razrwire sunglasses play music and work with cellphones. The glasses target gadget lovers who want more than just protection from the sun. (Reuters)