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Eat, drink and be fat
I wake up on the fattest day of my life, January 20, 2003. I am just over six feet tall, and weigh... how much' I step on the scale and off it very quickly, to limit the damage ' 16 stones 12 pounds [107 kilograms]. This is how I feel: light-headed, shaky, with a raw sensation, almost a pain, just below my ribs. I can feel the acid wash of heartburn in my gullet and the gurgle of juices in my guts. Hunger....  | Read.. 
Does Atkins have the answer'
The large waiting room of the Atkins Centre in New York is about the size of two squash courts, and exudes the bright, hopeful air of the Seventies. A ...  | Read.. 
Enigma of language
How did mankind learn the art of language' This fascinating question, once buried unceremoniously, has resurfaced, shattering a three-millennium-old h ...  | Read.. 
Frigid Mars
Mirror test
Heart clue
Silk trap
Sheer arrogance
Greatest athlete
Digital darkroom
One of the great attractions of digital photography is the ability to tweak pictures without facing the complexities of the darkroom. Instead, there are the complexities of photo-editing...  | Read.. 
Robotic riders
Plastic detector
Return of a killer
If you scare easily, maybe you’d better not read this column. Then again, maybe a good scare is really what you need to get your immunisation against tetanus up to date. Thanks to the widespread use of a vaccine against diphtheria, pertussis and ...  | Read.. 
Will power
Target-specific attack
What’s the killer dose of radiation'
Signs point to a global influenza outbreak
DDT found in mothers’ milk
Leafy green cuts stroke risk
Lethal drug killed George III
QED: IQ rising, really'
Twenty-three years ago, US political philosopher James Flynn came across a curious trend: average intelligent quotient (IQ) scores in every industrialised nation on the planet had been steadily increasing. Even though many scientists have trashed the ...  | Read.. 
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