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Hello holidays, goodbye Hollywood
For the past few weeks Nicole Kidman has remained resolutely silent as her ex-husband Tom Cruise has bemused Hollywood with his bizarre behaviour and wild declarations of love for his girlfriend Katie Holmes....  | Read.. 
Wanted, world’s scariest kid
Is your little boy the five-year-old from hell with the looks of an angel but a dark presence behind that cherubic face ...  | Read.. 
Smoking warning
Women who smoke during pregnancy nearly triple the risk their children will be born with attention deficit disorder, Danish ...  | Read.. 
London bombings spoil Dreamz
Hollywood producers of the black comedy American Dreamz are reconsidering the script after the London attacks bec ...  | Read.. 
Stay home, stay slim
You’ve been jogging through the summer months to lose all that excess fat, only to gain it all back now that the moonsoon’s upon you. The incessant rain has washed a...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q:How often should abs be trained with resistance'...  | Read.. 
Actors Owen Wilson (left) and Isla Fisher at the premiere of Wedding Crashers in Sydney on Sunday. (Reuters)