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Speeding bus crushes stroller's hand
A bus which pulled past another in a mad rush for passengers claimed the hand of a 27-year-old man this morning, igniting a crowd backlash....  | Read.. 
Amartya’s argument
India is more spiritual but the West thinks better. Right' ...  | Read.. 
Marx invoked to break Left’s FDI barrier
Nothing sells more in Bengal than Karl Marx. And Marx it was that Union finance minister P. Chidambaram used to push for for ...  | Read.. 
Jindal positive on steel plant
Sajjan Jindal today said there has been “a lot of progress” in the setting up of the Rs 10,000-crore steel plant i ...  | Read.. 
Row over school promotion policy
The Bengal government has rejected the proposal of the United Progressive Alliance government that a system be introduced ...  | Read.. 
Blood paucity hits patients
A severe shortage of blood in Burdwan Medical College Hospital is taking its toll on patients. ...  | Read.. 
Infiltrator cop ducks arrest
When lawkeepers cross the line, the long arm of law takes rest....  | Read.. 
Mother’s milk means more IQ
If a child has poor IQ, don’t blame it on fate or lack of effort. Paediatricians say inadequate breastfeeding is ...  | Read.. 
Leather complex gates open
After years of uncertainty and several false starts, the Calcutta Leather Complex (CLC) finally opened its gates today a ...  | Read.. 
Virus threat to tiny hearts
A new virus is on the prowl and children’s hearts are its prime target. ...  | Read.. 
Storm in garden
The clouds are hanging heavy over the Botanical Gardens in Howrah with the authorities transferring seven employees in a ...  | Read.. 
Umbrella neatly folded, two girls throw caution to the winds and get drenched in Calcutta on Saturday. Picture by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya
Maoists arrested
Ship sinks
Doctor arrest
Free aid
Zanskar ban
AIDS week