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Failed bombers caught on TV
After a day of fast-moving developments, all four of the men wanted for the attempted bombings in London on July 21 may now be in custody. But police warned a fifth suicide bomber is probably still on the run. ...  | Read.. 
Stun gun row worsens
The row between two police forces over the use of Taser guns when arresting suspect bombers intensified today. ...  | Read.. 
Harvard battle
The only black member of Harvard University’s seven-person governing board said today he had resigned because he could no longer support the school’s controversial ...  | Read.. 
Car virus
Here’s a new excuse for not getting to work on time on a Monday morning: My car caught a virus. ...  | Read.. 
A girl pets a police dog at Liverpool Street station in London. (AFP)
Blondie turns a popular 75
Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead are about to celebrate their 75th anniversary as one of the world’..  | Read.. 
Debris foxes shuttle chief
Shuttle Discovery commander Eileen Collins said today she was surprised the flying debris pr..  | Read.. 
Eggs show dinosaurs cared for their young
Unhatched dinosaur eggs dating back 190 million years carri ...  | Read..