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Forever young
Boston-based 99-year-old Eddie Bernstein still drives his car, cooks his own food, goes out for dinner three times a week, and uses glasses only to read small prints. He keeps his age at bay by simply smoking cigars and spending time with friends. Our very own Monohar Aich, former Mr World, still flexes his muscles on podiums, at the age of 93. His mantra is exercise. What, really, is the clue to the vitality of these nonagenarians' ...  | Read.. 
Extreme athleticism
Ace cyclist Lance Armstrong’s strength, perseverance and mental focus sometimes appear too extraordinary to be believed. The record-breaking cham ...  | Read.. 
Redlight zone under the sea
Hungry predators of the sunless depths have long used the ghostly lights of bioluminescence to attract the unsuspecting. Angler fish, accomplished hun ...  | Read.. 
Nerve in lab
Bone glue
Spring signal
Fake sex
Wrong premise
Poles apart
Fresh and fruity
The sommelier arrives with a '525 bottle of wine and presents it with a flourish. It is a 1982 Ch'teau La Fleur-P'trus Pomerol Bordeaux, and expectations are high. He tastes a sample of the decanted wine ' and grimaces. Instead of a clean, fresh, fru ...  | Read.. 
Earprint check
Flexible e-paper
Obesity switch
A decade ago this month, the world fo-und out about the appetite-controlling hormone leptin, and suddenly a cure for obesity seemed within reach. Drug companies raced to fashion leptin into a ma-gic anti-obesity bullet. The public eagerly awaited a ...  | Read.. 
Poor man’s diseases
Easy workout
Friendly ghost in your brain
Handwashing cuts children’s infection
Low-dose oral pills beat pain
Brain site for male organ
QED: Waiting for harry
I know i’ll be cursed by many, or most, of the Harry Potter fans, but I can’t help stating what I feel like after reading newspaper reports following J.K. Rowling’s latest offering. The stories and photos that greeted the release of Read.. 
Recommended: Tenets of evolution under scanner
adapting minds David J. Buller MIT Press; $ 34.95...  | Read.. 
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Why do we have eyebrows'
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This week: psychiatry