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Lonely wells of hatred
When do most of us first encounter hatred' If you are lucky, as so many of us are, the early encounter in childhood is vicarious. It's what happened to someone else ' perhaps in the form of words, not action; perhaps in a place far away; even, perhap...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Cannabis dreams
Sir ' So, Prasad Bidappa smoked some, got high and faced the consequences. He, of all people, shoul ...  | Read.. 
Tread softly
Sir ' It is almost certain that the Supreme Court's latest strictures on noise pollution will be ig ...  | Read.. 
In the culture of its origins, the Aztec, chocolate was referred to as the food of the gods. Thus it is not surprising in mod...| Read.. 
Animal world
Jinnah on his mind
Flying higher and higher
Booked for a fault
Voice of the party
Musical chairs
Enough, if something from our hands have power/ To live, and act, and serve the future hour;/ And if, as toward the silent tomb we go,/ Through love, through hope, and Faith's transcendent dower,/ We feel that we are greater than we know. ' WILLIAM WORDSWORTH
High and rising
Housing complexes are coming up like there’s no tomorrow and the city’s landscape is being altered dramatically, reports Debashis Bhattacharyya ...  | Read..